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The New Medico Legal Society of Hong Kong was effectively reconstituted during the period 1991/92 when the original Medico Legal Society was dissolved and the New Society held its first meeting in September, 1992. Initially, meetings were convened at Beaconsfield House in Central Hong Kong, and later, after demolition of the building, meetings were usually held at nearby “HMS Tamar”, which at that time, was the British Forces headquarters building. Later, post July 1997, following the transition of Hong Kong from British Colony to Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, the Society has continued to be without premises of its own. Venues for meetings and other events still rely upon the connections and network of members… and in earlier times, even included the offices of a local psychiatrist! Currently, and for the past decade, the Senior Officers' Mess at Hong Kong Police Headquarters has been the favourite luxury venue of choice for the Society's regular meetings. However, in accordance with the Society's Constitution, its registered place of business shall be the address of the serving Chairperson.


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